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I’m not a fan of tchotchkes. I believe a space should reflect its owner. Every object should have a meaning. A restored photo of your grandmother says more than a painting bought to match a color scheme. I would love to help you tell YOUR story.

I provide interior design services for residential, institutional and commercial spaces. Prior to working for myself, I worked at Harvard University, helping House Masters design their homes, as well as designing meeting spaces, dormitories and office suites.  I have managed construction projects for years, which gives me a unique perspective. I know what’s going on behind the walls. This knowledge enables me to help you keep to your budget and avoid hidden costs.  I specialize in historic properties, from period paint color selections, to wallpaper replications, as well as exterior color palettes.


Anne H. "I'm beyond thrilled with Elizabeth's talents, deep knowledge and work ethos. I hired her to help with a truly massive whole
house remodel after a fire, including kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, all lighting fixtures, wall and window treatments and
tough rug decisions. I had a million ideas and literally over 1,000 pictures pinned on Pinterest. Elizabeth helped me sort
through and settle on what was best. She also brought her own ideas to some key spots such as gorgeous antique sconces
for the living room. Lastly, she gave a huge amount of on-site guidance to the contractor, including designing a complex
closet, and even running to Lowe's herself to grab marble shelves when the contracted deliverables didn't work out. Plus,
when needed, she supplied her own subcontractors including an expert high-end wallpaper installer, a great upholsterer,
and even a handyman who helped me unpack, hang art and move back in. Elizabeth is one of the most organized people
I've ever met. She used spreadsheets to keep track of projects and supplied electricians with long, ever-updated punch lists.
She was willing to get up insanely early in the morning to meet subcontractors at the house. Many designers I talked to only
want to give your their vision for a project. She also kept me from making several design mistakes that I was too
inexperienced to see on my own. I strongly recommend her. " - Anne H.
Camille S "I would like to start by saying thank you Elizabeth for putting together great
boards at the last minute to present at our Annual Meeting last week.
Elizabeth is a professional with a fantastic personality and sense of humor.
She is very knowledgeable about design, building, cost points and quality.
She is a very good listener and understands what a person is trying to accomplish.
We look forward to working with Elizabeth on our project and any other future
project that requires her assistance."
- Camille S.
Yael L "Elizabeth came to my home for a consultation for rearranging things in my home
as I approach the "empty nest" and wish to make my home more focused on
myself, rather than teenagers. I had never hired an interior designer before and
was a bit nervous. Elizabeth immediately made me feel comfortable, and was both
very professional, as well as personable, She was able to get a good sense of my
lifestyle, and kept her suggestions very well tailored to my needs and my budget,
even considering my pets in her design plan. She gave me great ideas to make use
of things I already had in my home with some slight changes, to create new
space suited to what I am looking for. Her consultation turned this project into
something that I look forward to as easy, affordable, and fun!! And I would
highly recommend her to anyone looking for an interior designer."
-Yael L.
Jane R "Elizabeth is by far the best decorator I have ever worked with. Her attention
to detail and her ability to adhere to my decorating style really helped me
tremendously. She is reliable and affordable. She gets five stars from our family!"
-Jane R.
Jenny F "Elizabeth came to my home to consult about a remodeling project on my main
floor. She was prompt, professional, and friendly. She encouraged me to think
about my current lifestyle, but also any future changes that might affect the way
I use my home. There will be some demolition involved and she was quite
knowledgeable about electrical and venting systems and how they could be
impacted. She mentioned how that could affect the budget and suggested
ideas to save me money. She listened to my needs and took my tastes, lifestyle,
and budget into consideration. I had a very good experience working with her."
- Jenny F.
Kate D "Elizabeth and I have worked together often in the last ten years. She is a
consummate professional with expertise unmatched by most in her field.
She is extremely organized, focused on accomplishing the task at-hand and
solving any/all problems that arise quickly and effectively."
- Kate D.
Caren L "Elizabeth came to my house to help me with a makeover in my master bedroom
and with my fire place. Her ideas were thoughtful and quite ingenious to say the
least! She educated me by describing my current design concepts and teaching me
what other types of materials would go along with it. She came up with a few easy
solutions to make my fireplace look more updated without completely replacing it.
I am so excited to get started! I would highly recommend Elizabeth for any interior
design needs!"
-Caren L.
Karen G "I solicited Elizabeth to help in paint color selection for a now open concept
LR/DR/FR/Kitchen in our colonial style home. She was a joy to work with. She looked at
the space and colors we have painted and love & listened to our thoughts. She not
only came up with a color palette for the paint project I hired her for, but made a great
suggestion for our fireplace tiling project. It was a small project and she never tried
to make the consult bigger than what it was. She has a good eye and looked to incorporate
from what we have and already have done. Thank you Elizabeth!"
- Karen G.
Jane G "Elizabeth just gets it. She listens to what is needed and creates spaces that work.
Her organizational skills in meeting deadlines are exceptional."
- Jane G.
Brian K "Elizabeth provided design services for an Executive office suite and the results
are beautiful. She has an incredible eye for detail and always provides service of
quality with excellent design ideas. I highly recommend her work."
-Brian K.
Eric E "I’ve worked with Elizabeth Randall for about eight years on interior design projects
including historic academic buildings and residence halls at Harvard University.
She has a real gift with color and design and understands what it means to
create a warm, exciting and functional space. She is industrious, organized, ethical
and open-minded. Her projects have been exclaimed at and enjoyed by many.
I would recommend her without reservation for any design work you need."
-Eric E.

Your Space, your Story

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