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I’m not a fan of tchotchkes. I believe a space should reflect its owner. Every object should have a meaning. A restored photo of your grandmother says more than a painting bought to match a color scheme. I would love to help you tell YOUR story.

I provide interior design services for residential, institutional and commercial spaces. Prior to working for myself, I worked at Harvard University, helping House Masters design their homes, as well as designing meeting spaces, dormitories and office suites.  I have managed construction projects for years, which gives me a unique perspective. I know what’s going on behind the walls. This knowledge enables me to help you keep to your budget and avoid hidden costs.  I specialize in historic properties, from period paint color selections, to wallpaper replications, as well as exterior color palettes.


Your Space, your Story

Design Like No One Is Watching!

Design Like No One Is Watching!

You’ve heard the phrase “Dance Like No One Is Watching?”  I’ve always loved that phrase and I wish more people would take it to heart.  So many times I’m at events and I know there are lots of people who would love to be up and dancing, but they are afraid of what others would […]

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Meditate While Doing Dishes!

Meditate While Doing Dishes!

Want to make the simplest kind of change in your home, but one with maximum impact, both in terms of brightening up your space and your mood? Find a few small flower vases or other vessels and put them on your window sill at your kitchen sink. If you don’t have a window at your […]

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